Guthrie Govan – Erotic Cakes CD (Signed)

Sale! Guthrie Govan – Erotic Cakes CD (Signed)

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Finally, it's back!!

Guthrie Govan's debut CD has been re-released with JTC Records and it is here for you to add to your collection.

Guthrie has been called 'the greatest guitar player on the planet' by many, and Erotic Cakes is one of the reasons why. The CD is a musical gem and will forever be remembered as one of the classic guitar virtuoso albums of all time.

Gone are the days of scouring eBay for a dusty old copy, because you can pick up a brand new shiny copy here!

This is a limited edition SIGNED copy by the man himself during a recent visit to the JTC Studios in London. We only have 50 copies available. So if you want a piece of history, signed by Guthrie, then look no further!

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