Al Joseph – All Of Creation CD

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JTC Records proudly presents the second album from the incredible Al Joseph. Wow, Al is back and he means serious business. This is a guitar instrumental journey that shows an incredible level of depth, maturity, production quality and song writing ability. Al is on need this album in your life!

Al Says:

I'm proud to present to you my 2nd solo record, "All Of Creation!"

All Of Creation is a colorful narration of how I've been viewing the world over the last few years. Although it is always essential to live life through hope and optimism, I have also grown by taking time to process the hard times at a more introspective level. This balance has encouraged me grow as a human being and has helped me enjoy my life on a deeper level!

I hope you can hear my joy, my pain, my triumphs, and my adversity through the music. I believe you'll be inspired and will continue to spread the love. Thank you so much for taking the time to listen. I hope this music speaks to you!



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